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A professional logistics specialist in food products

Storage, production, transport, and customs handling. Built on these four pillars, Jonker & Schut offers a complete package when it comes to powdered dairy products, organic goods, and other products. In Barneveld, we are fully equipped to guide your product through the supply chain as a logistics specialist. We go the extra mile to offer every customer a suitable solution. We do this through the use of personal attention, experience, and flexibility. And by using innovative techniques, suggesting creative possibilities, or even developing a special production line. This is how we invest in appropriate solutions that help the customer further.


Jonker & Schut is a logistics specialist in storage, production, transport, and customs handling of mainly powdered dairy products and organic goods. The foundation for all of this was laid in 1987 by Fred Jonker and Erik Schut when they founded the company together. They worked as specialists in customs clearance for third parties, as well as freight forwarders who could mediate in transports for clients.
It was somewhat coincidental that they would start focusing on the storage and handling of dairy raw materials. A customer from the early days had a need for this, and Fred Jonker and Erik Schut decided to respond to this. They opened a storage facility, and soon after, a simple mixing and packaging line...
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Jonker & Schut subscribes to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In everything we do, we strive to take into account people and/or the environment. How we implement this? See below.
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Start Jonker en Schut

At Harselaarseweg 107

1988 - 1989

The first employee is hired

In 1989 we welcome our first employee.


Moving and expansion

To Harselaar East.


Office relocation

Office relocation from Hanzeweg to the current location at Harselaarseweg 33, where ROMAX was previously located.


Split in processing FOOD and FEED

Split in processing FOOD and FEED, Hanzeweg at Harselaar Oost becomes a FEED location, a new production unit for FOOD is established at Harselaarseweg in Harselaar West.


Presentation of new logo and corporate identity

Presentation of new logo and corporate identity.


Establishment of Jonker and Schut International Transport BV

Establishment of Jonker and Schut International Transport BV, expansion of the fleet with the first bulk trailer.


Opening new building

Harselaarseweg 40


Expansion of Hanzeweg

Expansion of Hanzeweg location through purchase of Van de Bovenkamp building.


20th anniversary

& acquisition of Milagro B.V.


Purchase of Calsonic building

Purchase of the Calsonic building, the building makes way for new construction.


New warehouse built

New warehouse built on former Calsonic site.


Dedicated FOOD line

Dedicated FOOD line with bulk loading station built at Harselaarseweg 33.


Celebration of 25th anniversary

Celebration of 25th anniversary on November 3rd, 2012.


Acquisition of warehouses

Acquisition of warehouses at Nijverheidsweg.


Started new production location

New production location started at Harselaarseweg 41, formerly Van den Brink Steel Construction.


Inauguration of the shuttle system in the new building hall

at Nijverheidsweg.


Expansion of storage capacity

Expansion of storage capacity (6000 m2) at Mercuriusweg 35.


Green Energy

Green Energy. 3,500 solar panels on the roof at Harselaarseweg.


Expansion of silo house

Increasing storage capacity for raw materials and finished products with 13 silos of 65m3.


New workshop construction

New construction of a workshop for the maintenance of our own transport equipment.


Food 6

New production location built at Harselaarseweg 25, formerly a pallet trading company J. van 't Bosch.

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