Corporate Social Responsibility

Jonker & Schut subscribes to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In everything we do, we strive to take into account people and/or the environment. How we implement this? See below.

Ambitions, results and objectives


Power consumption

  • Less energy consumption
  • Making purchasing sustainable
  • Clean Energy Transition
CSR Certified


Solar panels

CSR Certified

CO2 Neutral

CSR Certified
  • Invest in sustainability and circularity
  • Offsetting residual emissions by planting trees



  • Healthy and engaged employees
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Employee satisfaction of at least an 8
  • Growth in the number of female employees within 5 years
  • Reduction of waste
  • Waste sorting optimization
  • Reuse and recycling

All properties equipped with


Parking space equipped with

Charging stations

All forklifts are fitted with a seat belt.



By means of automation

Euro 5


Euro 6


New trucks



  • Fuel economy training
  • Load factor optimization
  • Monitoring tire pressure

Environment – examples of our CSR actions

  • For our vehicle fleet, we adhere to the highest achievable emission standards. All our trucks are equipped with at least Euro5, but also Euro6 engines. When purchasing new equipment, we value low CO2 emissions, low fuel consumption, and optimal safety for our drivers and other road users. All our transport equipment is maintained in-house to guarantee delivery reliability. Additionally, we clean our vehicles in our own washing facility using mostly recycled water.
  • We plan very efficiently, optimizing the amount of kilometers driven in relation to the loading capacity.
  • In our warehouse, we opt for electric vehicles.
  • In the office, we reduce the consumption of materials such as paper, ink, and envelopes as much as possible by working with digital information provision.
  • We process waste streams under very strict conditions, separating plastic, cardboard, and paper for disposal. We work with a waste processor who guarantees environmentally friendly and responsible processing.
  • At the Harselaarseweg, we generate our own energy. 5,300 solar panels on the roof provide green energy.


  • We consider good working conditions and benefits, as well as regular (re)training for our employees, to be of utmost importance.
  • Whenever possible, we assess whether a job opening is suitable or can be made suitable for an employee with a disability.

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