Processing powdered dairy products is our specialty. In our extensive production facility with new, high-tech production lines, powdered dairy products are bulked, mixed, packaged, or repackaged. Exactly in the desired quantities or combinations of ingredients. We can process a wide variety of packaging. We work flexibly and quickly. That we meet the strictest requirements in terms of hygiene and food safety goes without saying.


Blending capacity of thousands of tons per year

With various production facilities, Jonker & Schut has a blending capacity of thousands of tons per year. At these modern production locations, we can process your raw materials and semi-finished products. Quickly, efficiently, and according to the best working method for your product. We offer a suitable solution for every demand.

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Bags ranging from 5 to 25 kilograms or big bags

Semi-finished products are not always delivered in the packaging required. If it arrives in bulk, our packaging department is there to package the semi-finished products in the way you want. This can be done in bags ranging from 5 to 25 kilograms or in big bags. We use fully automatic packaging machines that dose the contents of each bag to the milligram.

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We provide repacking in any desired packaging form

If the packaging in which your semi-finished product is delivered is not suitable for your process, we will provide repacking in any desired packaging form. With our skilled employees and modern packaging lines, we ensure that your semi-finished product is repackaged in bags of 5 to 25 kilograms or in big bags. Each packaging unit is provided with our EC recognition number, the production and expiration date, and the batch number.

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Bulk packaging

From (small) packaging to bulk

At Jonker & Schut, you are in the right place to have your goods poured from (small) packaging to bulk. If desired, various quality checks are carried out during this process. This way you can deliver your product in silos to your customer.

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Tailor made

For every problem, there is a solution

At Jonker & Schut, we dare to say that for every problem, there is a solution, with our experience in logistics. Often, it is a standard solution, but when it comes to customization, our strength becomes evident.

What sets Jonker & Schut apart is our complete independence. We do not sell dairy products ourselves, which is precisely why your products are in good hands with us. We work with your recipe, but we do not share it with anyone. The only thing that matters to us is the quality of the product.

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