Customs broker for full customs clearance

Since the establishment of Jonker & Schut in 1987, we have been involved in handling customs formalities. We are aware of the complete regulations, are familiar with the developments in this field and can guarantee that everything is properly arranged.

Patricia de Jong

Export documents

Leave customs formalities to us

As an entrepreneur, your main focus is on selling products. Dealing with customs formalities may be a task that you would rather leave to someone else. This is where we come in. As a customs agent, we take care of the entire customs process for you. We are fully aware of the regulations and take care of the import and export documents so that your goods are correctly imported, exported, or transited. With a customs agent in-house, we offer a total package.

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Warehouse storage

Always having the right permits at our disposal

Are you importing goods from outside the European Union? Then it may be appropriate to store them in our customs warehouse. Because we have the appropriate license, we can store these goods in transit in our warehouse. You only pay customs duties and VAT upon import. When goods are destined for re-export from the warehouse, no customs duties and VAT need to be paid. This prevents you from paying too much VAT and customs duties.

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