Are you in need of storage space for dairy products or other goods? In our warehouses, we have approximately 120,000 pallet positions available. We store your goods safely, hygienically, and if required, in a conditioned environment. By using the latest technologies, we can guarantee the safety of your products and provide you with access to your inventory data 24/7.

Goods and pallet storage

Approximately 120,000 pallet spaces

Located centrally in the country, we offer the possibility to store approximately 120,000 pallets. Of these, 10,000 pallet spaces are conditioned for, for example, organic products. We can store goods under optimal conditions for you at the right temperature and humidity. Although dairy products have traditionally been our core business, you can now come to us for the storage of all kinds of goods.

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Food safety

Meeting all requirements

Strict requirements are placed on food safety. That is why our warehouses for pallet storage meet all specific requirements in terms of food safety. We have the following facilities...

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Conditioned storage space

Need refrigerated storage space?

In our conditioned storage with 10,000 pallet positions, we ensure that temperature-sensitive food products remain in perfect condition. By monitoring temperature and humidity, we can store goods in optimal conditions for 24/7.

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VAL activities

Value Added Logistics (VAL) activities

To provide you with optimal service, we offer the following additional services in our warehouse:

  • Order picking
  • Palletizing
  • (Re)labeling
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