History of Jonker & Schut

Jonker & Schut is a logistics specialist in storage, production, transport, and customs handling of mainly powdered dairy products and organic goods. The foundation for all of this was laid in 1987 by Fred Jonker and Erik Schut when they founded the company together. They worked as specialists in customs clearance for third parties, as well as freight forwarders who could mediate in transports for clients.

It was somewhat coincidental that they would start focusing on the storage and handling of dairy raw materials. A customer from the early days had a need for this, and Fred Jonker and Erik Schut decided to respond to this. They opened a storage facility, and soon after, a simple mixing and packaging line followed. Jonker & Schut, as we know it today, was born.

Over the past 35 years, Jonker & Schut has steadily grown and developed into a modern logistics specialist for dairy products. Powdered dairy products are our specialty; initially for feed, but later also for food. We have since become proficient in the storage and processing of organic goods, and our warehouses offer space for a wide range of products.

We have built up an excellent reputation in the dairy industry and can count an increasing number of internationally operating dairy producers and end-processors among our customers. We have grown along with the growth of our customers in recent years. In five years, the number of employees has almost doubled to around 200, and we have several warehouses with a total of about 120,000 pallet spaces at our disposal.

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