29 March 2023

Food 6 - Export factory

Food 6 - Export factory

In 2022, our new factory named Food 6 was put into operation. Food 6 is used to process powdered dairy products for export, which can be done from silos, bags, or big bags. By means of two bagging lines, bagged goods can be packed quickly and with the highest food safety standards.

Did you know that Food 6 has been build at BREEAM standards? Find more information here: BREEAM presentation

Food 6 also allows for mixing. Using the Dinnissen Pegasus mixer®, we can mix about 2500 kg per batch "gently," which means there is no product damage and no impact on product moisture. It takes a maximum of 120 seconds to mix a product into a homogeneous mixture, and the mixing ratio can be up to 1:100,000. That means 25 grams in 2,500 kg.

In addition to these mixing properties, the mixer can be completely dry-cleaned. This dry cleaning can be done without personnel having to enter the mixer. Each component can be disconnected so that it can be brushed, vacuumed, and inspected by hand.

This not only keeps personnel safe, but also reduces the risk of contamination. A machine like this doesn't come easily. It took Dinnissen about 20 weeks to build the mixer. At this stage the Pegasus mixer® is not yet operational, because it still needs to be installed on location.

How the installation happens? Watch the video below to see how Dinnissen placed this giant machine!

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