Tailor made

For every problem, there is a solution

With our experience in logistics, at Jonker & Schut we dare to say that for every problem, there is a solution. Often, it is a standard solution, but when it comes to customization, our strength becomes evident.

What sets Jonker & Schut apart is our complete independence. We do not sell dairy products ourselves, which is precisely why your products are in good hands with us. We work according to your recipe, but we do not share it with anyone. The only thing that matters to us is the quality of the product.

Customization requires collaboration. Therefore, we enter into partnerships with our clients so that we can achieve joint objectives. Together we devise how to optimize production and transportation efficiency. If necessary, Jonker & Schut invests in the process. This way, we can make fixed costs variable for our clients. As a specialist, we take over some of the work to provide our clients with peace of mind. This is what Jonker & Schut understands as Value Added Logistics.

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