29 March 2023

If necessary, we invest together

If necessary, we invest together

As a logistics service provider, Jonker & Schut processes the products of its clients. Although J&S is not the owner of these products, we feel a great sense of ownership. This translates into an intensive collaboration with our clients. By applying strict quality requirements and procedures, we strive to maintain the highest possible level of quality. And where standard services do not suffice, we work together to find solutions. You may be wondering what this looks like?

If the client wishes, Jonker & Schut can invest in customized solutions. In 2011, we began developing dedicated production environments based on the customer's requirements and wishes to optimize the supply chain. A selection of the right machines, the application of optimal storage methodologies, and the provision of reliable transport options provide the desired outcome. This development allowed us to offer our customers even higher quality standards.

By taking control of both the processes, infrastructure, and quality control, the customer is able to focus on their core activities. Regular audits (up to 45 per year!) ensure the desired results.

Investing in physical equipment is not the only option. There are many solutions to consider. For example, we provide EDI integrations with our IT-department. We can also take on planning tasks, recipe tasks, and inventory management for our clients.

At Jonker & Schut, we go beyond the standard service package. We are able to think, develop, innovate, and invest together with our clients. In this way, we try to make a difference with our clients and deliver a (food) safe product worldwide.

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