30 May 2023

Food safety, our priority

Food safety, our priority

Collaboration in this rapidly changing world is essential. The main focus is efficiency, which is highly  important. However, when you profile yourself as a food logistics specialist, there is one absolute winner on the list of priorities: QUALITY.

Consumer confidence in the safety of food has decreased  in the period 2021-2023, according to research by the NVWA (Dutch Food Safety Authority). Consumers indicate that they have less confidence that food will become safer. This conclusion is leading to the thought: How can we optimally contribute to a food-safe product with our services?

As a service provider, we offer added value by taking work out of your hands. Whether it concerns customs activities, warehousing, transport or processing of powdered dairy products and more. It is not strange for us to act as the "eyes and ears of the customer". Together with all stakeholders, we set up processes in such a way that our clients are able to focus on their core activities.

With our ICT team, we are also able to integrate these processes digitally. Through smart (EDI) integrations, processes can be set up efficiently and less prone to errors.

In practice, this means that each party knows what is expected of the other. Information about products is collected during the process and made available in near real time.

As an example, in 2018 we started a logistic process in which many goods had to be stored and transshipped for an international customer. Due to the many logistic flows, the need for a better integrated IT system arose. This resulted in an integration that works not only more efficient, but also increased the transparency of the flow of goods. This reduced the risk of errors.

Thanks to this smart technology, customers are able to enter information into our system every two minutes. This system can be consulted for inbound or outbound orders, production orders or other information. Resulting in, information that is immediately visible in our system. Besides  reducing the risk of errors within the process, this  integration is timesaving. Jonker & Schut can use this time for what is really important on our priority list: quality. Are you curious about the possibilities for the logistics process within in your company? We are happy  to think along and find a total solution that has a real impact on your efficiency and food safety.

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